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The woman seen through a woman’s mind, author Prof. Diana Toader

There are so many writers of great value and nobody writes so much about them as, for example, about a male writer, not so good as some of these women are, but anyway a male one. Why are women left behind? Only because they are women and that is why they do not have the right to be as famous as men are? That is how the thought of writing such a paper occurred to me. I wanted to prove in my graduation paper that women can be great writers too, that they can, in some cases. understand creation better than men do or at least equal. Some say that women have no need, or no capacity to create art because they can “create” human beings. In my paper I tried to show how wrong and unjustified this “theory” was. In the first chapter, we shall see how women can create not only human beings, but art as well. It is a mere survey on women ‘s literature along the centuries until nowadays literature. Then in the second and largest chapter I tried to present some of the books written by some women authors. Actually, I have chosen some of the books in which the main character is a woman, because women generally, not always, write about women. This is natural because, first of all, it is their condition they should speak about, and their condition they do understand best. I tried to present several types of women, some who reach their aim in life, some who do not, but they all have one common characteristic, beside the one that they are all women, but which actually comes from this one: the fact that they all have to face the same difficulties that society and family faced them with. They are all fighting women trying to show to the others and, first of all to themselves, that they can do more, that they have desires of their own and should not always be subject only to the ones or the others.


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ISBN 978-606-577-168-0

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