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Perspectives on tomboy’s image in Road signs that say West by Sylvia Gunnery, autor Oana-Mihaela Dănilă

The idea of dealing with „tomoboy” as a term which defines a girl or a particular group of girls that do not fall under the classical category of what it is said to be feminine must have been the basis of a wide variety of debates. If one is [...]

An insight into the role of music and poetry in creating a positive mindset among preteens – O perspectivă asupra rolului muzicii și poeziei în crearea unei atitudini pozitive în rândul preadolescenților, autor Oana-Mihaela Dănilă

In the attempt to bring forward a thought-provoking topic of discussion, our suggestion took the form of a research paper meant to examine the impact of pieces of music and poetry in what the positive attitude of the students is concerned. Even if these forms of art may seem to be strictly related to [...]