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TV news in the EFL classroom, autor Anamaria Tănase

Television, through TV news, can offer convenient, up-to-date sources of authentic materials which are even more valuable than film. Mass media provides a variety of visual, audio and written texts that can be used in many classroom contexts to develop literacy skills. Many teachers and students all over the world have the opportunity today to connect to these innovative and engaging resources. The new media and types of communication give access to a wider range of information and the possibility to follow the dynamics of an event in real time.
The purpose of this research is to study various aspects of alternative teaching material in the EFL classroom, the use of TV news in the educational process and the ways in which teachers and learners can exploit it to make learning more appealing and easier for all age groups.

Lecturați gratuit TV news in the EFL classroom, autor Anamaria Tănase

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