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Using online tools to enhance student writing skills, autor Natalia-Marta Hoduț

With the new situation caused by Covid-19 pandemic, teachers in Romania discovered online school (as it was not so common before) and many platforms could be used for teaching, like Edmodo, Teams or Google Classroom. A new door opened to us, teachers, and I myself had begun to use them during the lessons even when we were back in the classrooms not just during the online school period. The present study was carried on during the Covid time, when most of the classes were online. When I refer to include online tools in the EFL, I mean especially during the lesson in face-to-face class, when students are in the classroom. Therefore, I was motivated to investigate the way online tools could help students enhance their writing skill considering that it was such a complex one. In addition, I wanted to evaluate whether students would be motivated to improve their writing skills with these new technological devices. While using IT devices for different English activities, I observed that students got more involved in them than during the traditional classes-when no Internet or other technological tools used. I could also notice their enthusiasm to work. Learners got encouraged to write, as they knew I could read everyone’s work in a shorter time as they appeared on my screen. I was able provide instant feedback or help. That was one of the reasons for using Padlet for most of their work during the research time. Students wrote anonymously and this encouraged them to focus on their work more than the reactions from their peers.

Lecturați gratuit Using online tools to enhance student writing skills, autor Natalia-Marta Hoduț

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