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Interjections at the origins of language, autor Roxana Săvulescu

After the presentation of the traditional grammar approach on interjections I have synthesized the main linguistic grounds determining the marginal status of the interjection as linguistic category, viz. phonological aberrance, emotions as core meaning, (lexical) non- productivity and syntactic independence. Mention is to be made that I attached counterarguments to each, i.e. only more marginal members of the category are phonologically aberrant (e.g. mhm, brrr, psst), interjections are not ‘purely emotive words’, they express mental states, most decomposition formulae proposed by the Journal of Pragmatics containing the ‘I think’ component in their structure; moreover their indexicality tends to be explicated at the linguistic level, e.g. an interjection like ‘yuk’ uttered by students in the school context is to be decoded as the students’ reaction to the teacher’s prompt decision to give them a test or to his announcing their homework.

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