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A semantico-pragmatic view on interjections, autor Roxana Săvulescu

In my previous paper on interjections1 I mentioned my intentions with reference to the de-structuring of the linguistic status of the interjection as category. Having already drawn a brief presentation of how interjections are catalogued in traditional grammar, I have reached that which may be described as the edge between the ‘de-structuring’ approach and the ‘inter’ – aspect of interjections, namely the semantico-pragmatic perspective(s) on the by-far intricate study of interjections. Why intricate is what I have already sketched about interjections and what you yourselves are going to discover about the controversial nature of interjections2.
The reason why I have favored a double approach in one single chapter is apparently evident: the boundary between semantics and pragmatics as linguistic sciences appears a fragile one, in the sense that linguists themselves are much undecided as to where the domain of semantics ends and respectively where the scope of pragmatics begins. The real problem is that with the study of interjections the interrelation between the two sciences becomes even more prominent.

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