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Futurity in English and Romanian, autor Adriana Enescu

Confronted with the richness of the English tense system, the Romanian learner is baffled, shocked and often finds it difficult to choose the right form. He does not know what the English tense means. His task is unusually complex. He must reinterpret his seven native tenses in terms of the corresponding sixteen English tenses. This requires not only an adequate knowledge of the meaning of the English tenses, but also a better understanding of the tenses of his own language, as it is very often the case that both languages are able to render the same meaning even without any contextual help, with the difference that English is more explicit and / or more redundant.

Descărcaţi gratuit Futurity in English and Romanian, autor Adriana Enescu

Lucrarea este protejată la copiere şi imprimare şi poate fi deschisă de 10 ori.

ISBN 978-606-671-738-0

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