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Arithmetic Functions, author Prof. Dr. Geanina Tudose


This work is dedicated to the study of the ring of arithmetic functions and its connections with the ring of symmetric polynomials. I began the study in the early 90’s when I was concerned with some properties of the Fibonacci and Lucas polynomials inspired by a seminal book of Gioia. Later, Dr. Tudose helped expand my research and we made important connections with the combinatorial algebra, via symmetric polynomials.
Later she investigated the differential operators and the convolution ring and we also studied this in all its aspects. These papers she collected in this book, represents an important and original contribution in algebra, number theory and algebraic combinatorics.

Prof. dr. Emeritu s Trueman MacHenry,
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, York University, Toronto Canada

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ISBN 978-606-30-0492-6

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