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Creative Teaching Activities, autor Elena-Amalia Antochi

The central working hypothesis of this research is that creative teaching methods used in the English class enhance and develop students’ ability to produce messages, both in writing and in speaking. But besides the primary hypothesis, we have established that we need to prove a second one, which states that the use of creative teaching activities creates a proper environment for students to be more confident in their ability to use English. Both hypotheses are the starting point in our research, which is meant to demonstrate the importance of using creative activities during the English classes. They hold great significance, being equally necessary for the present study. For, there is no success in teaching if the students are not confident in their learning and if they do not cooperate with the teacher.
Starting from the idea that we need to prove the veridicity of these two hypotheses, we decided to conduct an experiment with two classes: the 4th grade and the 6th grade. After intensive use of creative teaching activities in writing and speaking, for over five months, we collected data, we compared the results, and we are confident that the findings will confirm the hypotheses of our paper. We collected data with the help of the assessment scale and the questionnaires we had devised, we centralized and interpreted the data.

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