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The Structure of Phrases in English, autor Loredana Lazăr

This work is concerned with the structure of phrases and of simple sentences, kernels. The main focus is on showing that sentences have the same structure as phrases, on the basis of the X’-theory. The final chapter deals with some transformations in English, which prove that grammar based on the PSRs cannot give enough proof to account for the way speakers in everyday speech.

Chapter 2 takes for discussion the word-chain device (Pinker, 1994) or the Markov process model (Chomsky, 1969) which actually proposes the chain construction of sentences. The PSRs show that the sentence is not a chain, but a tree as it has a hierarchical organization of the constituents. The phrase structure rules can be reduced to a universal one, on the basis of the X’- bar theory, the principles of which are mentioned in Chapter 3.

The following chapter I consider as being the “core” of the present work, as it is focused on the idea that there is only one general scheme which applies in the case of sentences, as well as in the case of phrases. Chapter 5 presents the structural relations between the constituents of a sentence. For the relation of government there are three definitions, showing the “evolution” of the term in time. Chapter 6 focuses on transformational level of grammar, level considered by Chomsky (1969) as making things more clear and logical, eliminating the difficulty in the representation of non – kernel sentences. Chapter 7 is a chapter of conclusions, which draws some lines on the present work.

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