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Migration CLIL, autori Nechita Nicoleta, Neagu Carmen, Filipache Raluca

The course applies transdisciplinary approach or CLIL (content and language integrated learning) which moves the teaching process beyond just blending disciplines. This approach links concepts and skills through a real-world context. Through the course students are engaged in searching for information, asking questions which strengthens reasoning and argumentative skills along with enhancing their self-esteem as well as the ability to work as part of a community. Students are provoked to solve real world problems which allow them to authentically create and build their own ideas. According to Greenwich Public Schools on “What is Transdisciplinary Learning?” the transdisciplinary approach “promotes depth of understanding as well as adaptability to skills needed to succeed in our changing world.” Therefore, in this course knowledge acquisition and skill development are integrated into a more meaningful whole. This develops students’ natural curiosity, promoting a feature that education calls “life-long learning.” Regardless of your preference, it is this feature that helps individuals be more adaptable and responsive to changes in the labor force over a lifetime.

We do hope this course to be a valuable tool for your teaching
Happy teaching !

Nechita Nicoleta

Lecturați gratuit Migration CLIL, autori Nechita Nicoleta, Neagu Carmen, Filipache Raluca

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ISBN 978-606-30-2042-1

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