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Reflecting on the art of teaching, autor Monica-Maria Iordache

The feminine sensitivity, which often takes on the magnitude of an insurmountable vulnerability, is a hard kernel with a sweet core and easy to crush, so it does not dry when it is too hot or when it is too cold, it only rarely opens when it is he gives himself the opportunity or when he gives his permission, in cases where the will to feel is governed by a kind of control, filter, experience or fear. It is an art to know yourself accurately, to invest as you do with bags, shoes, beaches or other ephemeral butts, but very welcome in their time, to give time I said, from the one who stands still as if you ask yourself questions that you will answer in perspective because they actually shape it, or to answer what you have ever wondered in your life so far, on the way home, on the bed where you were sitting. That gorgeous lady, in the morning without coffee but with kisses on the sleepy eyelashes.

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