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Methodological guide, Coord. Nicoleta Nechita

The methodological guide has developed out o f the activities implemented within Erasmus+ project,„MIGRATION“ 2016-1-RO01-KA219-024814 for two years. It is the jointly work of teachers coming from eight countries: Romania (the coordinator), Sweden, Turkey, Autria, Spain, Croatia, Germany and Italy. The lesson plans are mostly about the migration process from different perspectives, they are diverse concerning the content, time and resources.
It is meant to be an inspirational tool for educators around the world not only to be used in the classroom, but also as informative resources as it provides detailed guidance in the development of materials and it also serves as a basis for the development of curriculum.

Lecturați gratuit Methodological guide, Coord. Nicoleta Nechita

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ISBN 978-606-30-1665-3

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