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Errors and difficulties in translating economic texts, author Andreea-Rosalia Olteanu

The present paper aims to be a theoretical approach to the field of economic translation. It is structured in three chapters, each of which covering important issues related to translation studies and translation process.

The first chapter sets out to examine a critical survey of the most important trends and contributions to translation studies and it briefly describes the history of the development of the discipline. The purpose of this chapter is to examine what exactly is understood by translation and how each theorist approaches this domain according to his viewpoint and field of research. This section also highlights the fact that nowadays’ translation started to take a more automatic path. The invention of the internet, together with the new technological developments in
communication and digital materials, has increased cultural exchanges between nations. They also felt the need to enter the world of cinematographic translation, hence the birth of audiovisual
translation. The latter technique, also called screen translation, is concerned with the translation of all kinds of TV programs, including films, series, and documentaries. This field is based on
computers and translation software programs, and it is composed of two methods: dubbing and subtitling. In fact, audiovisual translation marks a changing era in the domain of translation.

The second chapter looks at translation from three perspectives: translation quality, errors and difficulties in translating economic texts (definition, classification, implications), and consequences of errors in professional translation. First of all, the chapter points out the importance of performing a good and correct translation (synonymy, homonymy and polysemy, false friends), which is one of the most important elements to be considered when discussing translation.

All in all, the paper is an overview of the history of translation studies, of the errors and difficulties in translating text and of the consequences of errors in professional translation, with applications to the economic field. And last but not least it is an approach to the differences between languages (English and Romanian), regarding issues of word meaning, multi word items that can hinder comprehension for those who have embarked upon the difficult task of translation. It is pointed out that a major obstacle to comprehending texts in a foreign language is not specific vocabulary as it would be expected (highly specialized words usually used only by specialists), nor general vocabulary, but a third intermediate lexical category between the general and the specific, constituting the largest proportion.

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