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A holistic approach to phrasal verbs, author Andreea-Rosalia Olteanu

The present study suggests a revision of all the theses concerning the domain of complex verbs. The practical aim of the study is to offer a synthesizing model of the conveyed theories that have been put forward in the specialized literature of complex verbs.

Being structured into three chapters, this paper is a study on phrasal verbs whose particular aim is that of producing an accurate description of phrasal verbs seen through their complex perspective of the morphological, syntactic, semantic and pragmatic features.

Therefore, Chapter One deals with aspects related to a chronological survey, to a historical rise of the English phrasal verbs and has in view definitions and classifications of phrasal verbs.

Further on, Chapter Two points out a complete approach from a morphological, syntactical, semantic, pragmatic and metaphorical point of view.

And finally, Chapter Three offers a new perspective on the matter of phrasal verbs dealing with issues like: the description of listen to as a phrasal verb, slang equivalents for the verb to die and the analysis of phrasal verbs that occurin some lyrics.

Download A holistic approach to phrasal verbs, author Andreea-Rosalia Olteanu.

ISBN 978-606-577-927-3

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